Thursday, November 1, 2012

Road to Recovery

I may be taking the long way around, but I think I'm getting there. Had back-to-back meetings all day today, so no time to work out, but I'm not sure my congestion would have allowed it anyway. Had my standard tuna, triscuts and apple lunch, but somehow a couple of pieces of Halloween candy snuck their way into my lunch bag as well.

Dinner was a work happy hour - does a Guava Habanero cocktail count as two fruit and vegetable servings? That, combined with corn chips and salsa - it's almost something resembling a meal, right?

Took 30+ minutes to get a check, so by the time I picked the kids up from after hours play care (G had another commitment tonight, but it was a bday happy for two coworkers and I really didn't want to miss it), got them home and got them in bed... I just didn't feel like packing in any more calories.

Good news is I'm actually pretty close to my target today; bad news is more than half came from sugar based ingestions. Good thing I started that multi-vitamin...

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