Monday, October 29, 2012

A Week Off - Already.

I've been battling a sore throat and pain in my ears for a few weeks now, and this weekend it finally got serious. Amazing what too much bad food and not enough sleep will do to you... On the plus side, came away with a pic that shows some of the progress I've made (compared to pic in the blog banner):

We went up to Stillwater for the TCU vs OSU game, and while I had a lot of fun, I'm now paying for it. I'm skipping boot camp tonight (labored breathing, constant nose blowing and racking coughs make running seem like even more torture than usual) and have a doc appt. scheduled for tomorrow. Fingers crossed I can talk her into a steroid shot - between that and a Z-Pac I'm hoping I can kick this in time to at least go for a walk on Wednesday.

Planning on skipping boot camp that night as well, due to Halloween. Life sure does get in the way of losing weight...

The scale reflected the damage I did this weekend as well - up four lbs over three days. Not good. Feeling pretty hunka chunka today. On the plus side, the constant congestion has killed my appetite, so no problem coming in under my calorie goal today.

Also purchased a multi-vitamin this weekend, so adding that to my daily regime. Here's hoping my next post will bring more positive news.

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