Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tired Mommy

Muscle fatigue is a real, thing, yo. And fatigue fatigue is no joke either.

I'm sore all over today, but dragged my ever expanding booty down to the gym anyway. I managed five minutes on the spin bike (ha! can't believe I thought I should even try that), then could only give it 15 on the elliptical, when usually I'm solid for 30. Capped it off with 7.5 minutes (the .5 counts, damnit) on the treadmill, and gave up.

Don't know if it's just the fourth consecutive day of exercise that did me in, the fact that I changed a wet bed for my 3-year old at midnight, or the early morning wake up cries from my 17-month old. Perhaps it was the trifecta, yes?

Anyway, since I was so good at lunch (grilled chicken and veggies), I swung by the cafeteria on the way back to my office and treated myself to a lowfat yogurt cranberry parfait. Treat. Right. Actually, it was pretty OK. It's all worth it, right?

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