Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day Three

You might think it would make more sense to start at day one (after all, starting from the beginning, from what I hear, is a very good place to start). But day one was Monday, and today is day three, and when there is absolutely no one reading your Blog the first and foremost rule is complete and entire accuracy.

Actually, a little history before day one might be even more appropriate, so yes, let's start there. I've had a lifetime struggle with my weight (like approx. 115% of the other 30-something women out there have). Best weight: mid-twenties, single, no responsibilities. Worst weight: mid-thirties, husband, two toddlers, stressful job. Shocker, right.

Randomly over the weekend, a flyer got left on my door for a neighborhood fitness camp. As much as I hate to reward that kind of activity, $5? For an hour of fitness training? If I hated it, the worst I was out was five Snickers from the company vending machine.

So on Monday I called. I talked to the leader and told her about my hesitation. I warned her about my fitness level (er, lack there of). She told me there was only one other person in the Monday/Wednesday class, and that individual outweighed me by 100 lbs. OK, I decided. I can hang.

Monday was rough, but not impossible. It was all cardio, and I didn't die. So Tuesday, I decided if I was actually going to be paying for classes, it would only make sense to also use that gym membership that I'd been paying for and not using for a year... sigh. So, 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Back to today - day three. Tonight I put down the dough for 12 classes. And the leader showed her true colors. I actually cried. Tears. Because I couldn't. do. one. push-up. I've never had the upper body strength for push-ups, but I'd never been as frustrated as I was tonight. She helped talk me through it, and pushed me to do three the absolute best I could. And I did. I didn't die. And I'm still frustrated. And still teary-eyed thinking about it.


I'm going back. Because I don't want to be a Hunka Chunka Mommy.*

*Inspired by the book my kids got at school this week, when the author visited - Hunka Chunka Monkey.

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